Q-What does your company produce?
A- We are specialize in knits and woven dresses. We produce following item, tees, hoodies, leggings, women’s top, women’s dresses, maternity, yoga, fitness, infants and accessories.

Q-Can you work with my sketches?
A-Yes we can.

Q-Do you offer pattern and prototype services?
A-Yes, we offer patterns and samples, but you need to provide fabric and trim.

Q-How much are patterns and samples?
A-It depends on a style. Patterns are between $125-$250 and samples are 80% of pattern price.

Q-What is the lead time for a pattern and a sample?
A-The lead time for a pattern and a sample is about 2 weeks or less.

Q-Do you have minimums?
A-No, however smaller quantity production have a bit higher prices than larger quantity production.

Q-How can I get a quote?
A-Send us a sample or a sketch. Tell us how many pieces you want us to produce and in how many colors. Also, let us know what you want us to do (Pattern,Cut, Sew, Grading, Marking, Samples, Finishing, Retail Packing, Full Package, etc...). You can pick and choose services. Once we have all the necessary information we can give you a quote.

Q-If I send you my sample for a quote would you send it back to me after reviewing it?
A-Yes, but you need to send us pre-paid envelope or a sticker for UPS/Fed EX or post office along with your sample.

Q-What is your lead time for production?
A-The lead time for production takes about 4-6 weeks but depending on your needs it can be done sooner.

Q-Do you provide fabric or trim?
A-No, unless you want to produce 2000+ units.

Q-Can you refer me to Fabric Company?
A-No, unless you want to buy it from our company. Our fabric mills have minimum of 2000 yards.

Q-I have made my patterns and samples somewhere else will you work with it?

Q- Can you sign none disclosing form about my design?

Q-What type of payment do you accept?
A-Check and Cash.

Q-When do I need to pay?
A-For production 50% deposit before we start and the rest when we finish. For samples and patterns 100% up front.

Q-Can you do marking and grading?