Welcome to Aric Apparel Inc.

Aric Apparel Inc is a professional company that operates in the USA, and offers Superior Quality Sewing and Full Package Garment Manufacturing Services to designers and specialty retailers.  We have been in the fashion industry for over 15 years and our company provides exceptional services to all our customers.  Our experience allows us to be the best sewing contractor as well as allows us to produce the best custom sewn products.

While we specialize in high-end market apparel, Aric Apparel Inc can provide services for any level of garments.  Whether you are a large or small operations based customer, new to the business, or well established, Aric Apparel Inc promises to you to always provide high quality and professional service without delay.  Aric Apparel Inc helps designers and specialty retailers bring styles to the market quickly.  We take great pride in our company and our number one goal is “Quality”.  Aric Apparel Inc is committed to provide excellence, partnership and resources to all our customers.